Thursday, April 30, 2009

Italian Delite Subs

Italian Delite

Italian Delite Submarine Sandwiches

971 Front St.
Novato, CA


The closest sandwich shop to where I live, a mere block away at most. They make decent sub sandwiches, including an okay west-coast approximation of a cheesesteak. It doesn't really pretend to be a Philly version, which is good, and so is alright for what it is. Unfortunately, the fries could be better. I like the chop cut with skin on, but they're always too brown, I presume because they use the same oil too long. They're also usually pretty greasy, but occasionally you're get a pristine batch. When that happens, they're much better. It's really too bad. They have an opportunity to make very unique frites, but instead ruin the effort by the way they cook them.



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